Do you want to test better?

Consultants have a bad rep, until you meet a good one.

My name is Alan Richardson and I'm different from other consultants because I'm independent.

I don't come pre-armed with a 'Head Office Solution', and then spend time writing a report to sell you more consultancy.

I use my experience to work with you, hands on, quickly, and uniquely, to solve your problems.

Tell me how you want to improve.

Hire Me To Help You

I currently have 10 bookable days per month for onsite and remote client work.

  • I work onsite in the UK and EU.
  • I work remotely for other parts of the world.

Hire me to work with you and help you improve.

I'm normally near London, but if I'm travelling near you then I might be able to extend my trip and fit you in.

  • February 2018 - London, Utrecht
  • March 2018 - London
  • April 2018 - Amsterdam
  • June 2018 - London

Read my travel schedule in more detail here.

I Can Help You Improve Your Testing

Start Automating Your Applications

If you're learning from your mistakes, you're doing it the hard way. Learn from my experience and be up and running quickly.


Improve Your Existing Automated Approach

If you've come quite far already, you'll need experience to advance faster or resolve issues e.g intermittent failures, or a hard to maintain code base.


Code Reviews and Recommendations

Ongoing support as you automate. I review your code changes, with feedback to recommend improvements.

You want support?

Become More Agile

Learning how to test in Agile? I can help you make your test approach work with your chosen tools and adopt Exploratory and Technical Testing.

Improve your Agile Testing

Test More Technically

If you only test from requirements, you're missing a whole set of risks. We can improve your technical testing and risk analysis skills.

Learn To Test Technically

Do What You've Never Done Before

Step back to look at your process. You'll be constrained by your environment. I bring a fresh set of eyes and experience.

Improve How You Test

Priority Improvement

Want to know what to improve? And fast? Let's review what you do, then perform the on-site work to make those priority changes and test better.

Consultancy that Works

Hands-on Help

Work with you on-site. Mentoring and pairing. Improving every step of the way. Sharing experience and doing what it takes to make your testing better.

I can Work with You

Learn At Your Own Pace with these Online Training Courses

You can train with me online rather than waiting for a public training course or conference. The courses have received amazing reviews and you can start learning immediately and continue at your own speed. I deal with any technical queries in the discussion forums of the course.

Read these Books to Improve your Testing Skills

If you would rather learn from reading a book then you're in luck. I have distilled my experience into several books, packed with exercises and examples to help you improve your automation skills and increase your technical flexibility.

Java for Testers.
Helping Beginners learn Java to support their testing
[Book with worked examples]
"Dear Evil Tester"
Humorous Question and Answer Provocations to Improve your Testing
[more info]

Automating and Testing a REST API
A Case study of Testing and Automating the Open Source Tracks REST API
[Learn REST API Testing]
Selenium Simplified
Automated Testing with Selenium RC and Java.
[Learn Selenium RC]

My experience spans multiple industries

I have worked with companies across many different sectors. I specialise in testing, not in a specific industry domain.

Bug Buster
C3 Global
Channel 4
EF Education First
LMAX Exchange

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