Buggy Games

They may yes buggy be, but they super fun are happy giving.

A collection of JavaScript Games for Testing, Hacking and messing with. For fun, education and your ongoing edification.

Console Driver

The Ultimate Driver Game of Skill and Dexterity.

Play Console Driver

The Coloured Square Game

The Ulitmate Game of Colour Matching.

Play The Coloured Square Game

Number Hover Text Game

A Text only mutated version of Lunar Lander where you have to hover in a certain position, but you do not know what position is until you gain points.

Play Number Hover Text Game

The Coloured Square Changing Game

A Dynamic and updated even more Ultimate Game of Colour Matching

Play The Coloured Square Changing Game

The Random Walker Game

Marvel at the graphics. Can you write a program that will move your player to the exit?

Play The Random Walker
Play The Multi-Level Random Walker

The Grid Walker Game

Can you walk the grid and exit with a high score?

Play The Grid Walker

The One To Nine Calculator Game

Test your mathematical prowess as you challenge the ultimate calculator for supremacy.

Play The One To Nine Calculator Game

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