Book Review : Peopleware - Productive projects and teams


Peopleware - Productive projects and teams

  • Author: Timothy Lister
    Tom DeMarco
  • Publisher:
  • Published: 1999
  • Edition: 2
  • Pages:
  • Target Audience :Management/Everybody
  • Contents:

    Part 1 - Managing the human resource
    Part 2 - The office environment
    Part 3 - The right people
    Part 4 - growing productive teams
    Part 5 - It's supposed to be fun to work here
    Part 6 - Son of Peopleware

Review Date:  10/02/2000 15:26:55
Short Summary:

Short Description:

The expanded second edition came out 12 years after the first and in that time had become recognised as a classic.

A rather depressing prospect since it is a very true book and either isn't being read or is being ignored.

34 chapters of storytelling gently lead the reader through the workplace and, with casual humour, point out many of the things that are causing the dynamic to deviate from the effective.

The book is aimed at the manager, the reader is referred to as a manager, but is applicable to anyone who is managed. The team member can help the manager and the organisation by comparing their situation to those presented in the book and calling for a foul if things, as schemes so often do, gan aglay.

People are important, they are individuals, they strive to better themselves, they have strengths and weaknesses, they are rarely malicious without provocation, they can enjoy education, they can form relationships, they are the ones who will do the work and management is there to help them, not stop them.

It is a quick read and one that you will/should/must come back to.

If you find yourself or your organisation in its pages then it is time to change.