Availability And Travel Schedule

I consult, train, present, and work on projects.

I currently have 10 bookable days per month for onsite and remote client work.

  • I work onsite in the UK and EU.
  • I work remotely for other parts of the world.


I travel the world for work, and conferences. If I happen to be speaking in a location near you, or working with someone else nearby, then contact me. I may be able to extend my trip to work with you, or I might be free for an adhoc lunch or evening session to consult or host a workshop.

If you run any local tester gatherings in the area when I'm around then let me know and I might be able to present or run a workshop for your group.

If no dates and locations are listed then I live and work around London so that's where you'll find me.



  • November 11th - 15th 2018 - The Hague, Eurostar
  • November 26th - 27th Amsterdam - Training @ Wannaflex
  • November 28th - 30th Utrecht - Inhouse training

The Conferences page has more details on any of the conferences listed above.

Let me know when, and where, you'd like my help by filling this form to contact me.

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