I consult, train, present, and work on projects.

"I test stuff, and help people test better." That means I'm hands on. I work with you to help you improve, and everything I do is based around the needs of your project, or, your current approach.

Availability And Travel Schedule

I consult, train, present, and work on projects.

I currently have 10 bookable days per month for onsite and remote client work.

More details of my future travel schedule are available here.


Consultancy, for me, means a short time spent on site with you (one day to a few days), or a longer term engagement where we work together for one or two days a week. We agree times to suit your requirements.

When I consult, I work in a way that meets your needs. I am good at observing organisational and team dynamics, and work firmly with the situation you have, not a situation I'd like you to have.

I consult in:

Read more information on our Consultancy Process. Or contact me to discuss how I can help you.


I can supply training or workshops in:

Or I can provide custom workshops in anything I have experience with e.g.

Your choice of training can also be combined with consultancy, either:

Any of my online courses or books can be run as in-house training courses.

Contact me to discuss how I can tailor my training for your needs.

Talks & Presentations

I can talk at your conference or company. I can also run my training courses in cut down forms as conference tutorials.

You can see the range of talks from my conference talks page. Contact me if you would like me to present at your company or conference.

Project Based Testing

I also work on projects. If you have something particularly interesting, and if I have the time to commit to it, then you might be able to hire me on a longer term basis for your project.

I have less and less contiguous time to apply to projects, so I'm more likely to be able to work with you in the Consultancy style above.