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  • our Software Development and Testing Products and Consultancy.
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Published Books

Books published by Compendium Developments Ltd span multiple topics covering Software Development, Cookery and Poetry.

Java For Testers Cover Dear Evil Tester Cover Automating Rest API Cover There Are Hats Poetry for Children Flatbread Feasts Cookery Book One Can of Chickpeas Talkin' Bannets: Poems

The following books are free to download and read.

Hacking Javascript Book Cover Selenium Simplified Book Cover Migrating from Selenium RC JSP Cobol Thesis

Online Training

Selenium 3 WebDriver API course Selenium Support Classes Selenium WebDriver Synchronisation Technical Web Testing Course Talks from Alan Richardson Public Speaking and Blogging Test Ability Audit JavaScript Hacking Automate in the Browser With JavaScript How I Test Web Apps

Click on any of the thumbnails above to learn more or visit our main online courses page.

Applications that we have written and maintain.

    • A free Twitter client to make brand monitoring and identify shareable content easier.
    • A free application to make editing data tables for Markdown, CSV, Gherkin, HTML and JSON easier and faster. Also, generate tables of test data using Faker and Regex.
  • API Challenges
    • A free gamified training application to learn how to work with REST APIs, also contains video tutorials and solutions.
  • The Pulper
    • A free application for practicing GUI and API Testing. Switch between versions of the application using the Admin menu.
  • Test Pages For Automating
    • A free appplication with sample pages to practice and challenge your automation skills.
  • Testing Practice Apps
  • Text to Social Image Generator
    • Free online tool to quickly generate text images for social media.
  • TweetStorm Helper Generator
    • Free online tool for planning and helping create threaded tweets.

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