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On this page we will provide more information on the work that Alan Richardson has made public through Compendium Developments. His papers and conference talks, blogs and articles, the books he has written, and the methods you can use to remain informed about his work. If you want more info on our courses, you can check the FAQs or read the reviews.

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Web Sites and Blogs

Alan has split his writing across a number of sites to make it easier to find information on the specific topics he writes about.

Compendium Developments

Selenium Simplified

Evil Tester

Java For Testers


Alan has written the following books:

Java For Testers

Java For Testers is a 'How To' and 'Beginner's Guide' for learning to program in Java. Alan wrote this because all the introductory beginner's books on Java took a different path through the learning of Java than Tester's and people working on automated testing typically need. You can find more details of the book on the site or on The book is available as an e-book and paperback from Amazon.

Selenium Simplified

Selenium Simplified 2nd Edition, teaches both Java and Selenium-RC. The updated WebDriver courses available on this site cover the more up to date WebDriver API in Selenium. The Selenium-RC interface has been deprecated, but is still available, if you are working with Selenium-RC then this book may offer some assistance. [ more details]


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Alan Richardson

Alan Richardson has experience of testing at all levels of the testing hierarchy: from tester, to manager, to head of testing. He has remained hands on, technical, and actually tests applications. He has introduced exploratory testing, Agile testing, and Automation into a variety of organisations. He helps testers boost their testing and technical prowess, so they can test better.

You can also find him on twitter as @EvilTester

Black Ops Testing

Alan also provides training through Black Ops Testing. Irregular hands on testing workshops facilitated by four of the UK's top exploratory testers.

Selenium 2 WebDriver With Java

An online training courseCovering the fundamentals needed to use Selenium WebDriver with Java.

Learn more about the course

Course image for Selenium 2 WebDriver API course

Technical Web Testing 101

The thought processes behind Technical Testing and basic tools you need to go deeper with your web testing.

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Technical Testing Course