Book Review : Software Test Automation


Software Test Automation

  • Author: Dorothy Graham
    Mark Fewster
  • Publisher: Addison-Wesley
  • Published: 1999
  • Edition: 1
  • Pages:
  • Target Audience :Automation Beginners
  • Contents:

    Part 1 - Techniques for Automating Test Execution
    Part 2 - Test Automation Case Studies and Guest Chapters

Review Date:  24/05/2000 15:54:16
Short Summary:
A little out of date now
Short Description:
Practical in places. 

This is a big book. Subtitled 'Effective use of test execution tools' it sets out the best practices for using test automation. Lessons learned while using test automation are often costly, this book aims to reduce the cost of learning because someone else has already made the mistakes for us.

In Part one we run the gamut of test automation tools and best practices.

This is a very functional book. Test Automation is analogous to the process software programming and many of the lessons that are provided in here are software programming lessons: data driven, commenting code, common code.

But there are many things which are purely test automation problems: capture playback, gui's vs text, test suites, unmonitored execution, reporting. There is a great deal of very good information on these subjects, and more - the text is very thorough.

And that's just part 1. Part 1 on its own has already bested "Automated Software Testing" [Dustin et al] but we have a part 2.

Part 2 is like attending 2 or 3 software conferences dedicated to testers' experience with automation. There are many hard lessons outlined in this section of the book and whilst it does become a little tiresome if you read them one after the other (hint: don't read them sequentially, dip in, dip out).

The book does take time to go through but, if you learn any of the lessons in here the easy way and don't make the same mistakes in your testing projects then the book will pay for itself and the time spent reading it.

Solid and recommended.